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My research interests

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Generally convenient links

  • Link to Paulsson lab methods on openwetware.
  • Link to Bullet Journal, a way to organize tasks and your calender. (I use a modified version, but the general concept is useful.)
  • Passion Planner offers similar and extended functionality to Bullet Journal.

Journals currently followed at journal club

  • Nature
  • Science
  • Cell
  • PNAS
  • PRL
  • PRE
  • Biophys J
  • Science Signalling
  • MSB Mol Sys Biology
  • Nat Struct& Mol Biology
  • Nature Biotechnology
  • Nature Genetics
  • Nat Cell Biology
  • Nature Methods
  • Cancer Cell
  • PLoS one
  • PLoS Genetics
  • PLoS Biology
  • Current Biology
  • Physical Biology
  • J. Bact.

Journals that are also interesting:

  • Current opinion in microbiology
  • eLife
  • Trends in microbiology
  • Nature Microbiology

Journals without RSS that are interesting

  • MBoC, Molecular Biology of the Cell

Interesting papers

(..) Note to self: also add description

Convenient links

E. coli

General Science


Recombinant DNA


  • Python(x,y)
  • gedit
  • Putty (command line ssh accessing remote locations, specifically Ubuntu machines)
  • WinSCP (browsing remote locations, specifically Ubuntu machines)
  • TeXnicCenter, LyX
  • (Windows Powershell)
  • Windows grep
  • Autohotkey
  • Inkscape



Personal links

Links with some convenient specific info

Some other convenient sites


Things to still learn

Bayesian statistics. (Start by this random Google hit?)
Time series analysis. Recommended material by SH: for non linear analysis article Interdisciplinary application of nonlinear time series methods (Schreiber 1998); for linear analysis book Time Series Analysis: Forecasting and Control (Box and Jenkins).
Machine learning. Recommended material by SH: scikit-learn & book Machine learning: a probabilistic perspective (Murphy).
Neural networks. Related to machine learning, also python packages available (e.g. scikit-learn or tensor flow).
Julia. Programming language. Claims best of both C and Python worlds.

Recommendable books

On the shelves:




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